Saturday, October 5, 2013

Train by Lily of the Valley - English Lyrics


Song by Lily of the Valley, Words by Nozomi

To the town where you live
Following track after track through thick and thin
I go to see you

The time we hadn't seen each other was a void
I didn't even realize I was trembling at the thought of you

It begins to rain
A rain of tears
A blurring sky
Your shadow

Although I remember you
My chests still aches a little
Although I search for you at the station platform,
There's no possible way you're here, I know...

I pass through the landscape of the town where you once lived
And I remembered once again that day

A bittersweet soda in the water
Sinking like a fish
Although the seasons pass and the colors change,
I still remember us on that day

This is the last time I'll see it unchanged like this
I'd probably begin to cry seeing the side of your face

There's still no answer in sight
Although I hung my head in shame, I smiled a little
At the station without you, my pain passed by
I continue along the tracks ahead, under the blue sky




降り出す    涙の雨に
滲むそら    君の影

まだね     ちょっと     胸が少し痛い
駅のホーム     君を探すけど
まさか     ほらね     居るわけないのに、、、

君の居た街を     通り過ぎる景色に

ほろ苦い     ソーダ     水の中
沈んでく     魚みたいに
季節が過ぎて     色も変わるけど
思い出すのは     あの日の2人


視線の先    答えは無いまま
俯くけど     少し笑った
君の居ないホーム     痛り過ぎる僕
線路の先は     続く青い空

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