Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Imperial Smoke Town by Ichiko Aoba

Imperial Smoke Town

Song and words by Ichiko Aoba

The sea's roar is enshrouded
Layers of smoke move toward the coast
The stars draw near

Ironworkers clumsily operating advanced technology
A quiet sense of desolation
Human beings, where, where, where...?

The sun sinks from the sky
A sweet scent from far away
The nostalgic, soft eyes of a blinking girl

She is only 23
We humans are born. Raised. Taught. Encouraged.
Those are the joyful days
Thinking of those old times again and again
Until the day comes...

Concealed imperialism
Oh, it's hopeless to come here
You'll be detained and lobotomized
Lovely smoke town
We'll hide together with her


潮騒 に立ち込める

煙の覆 海岸へ


鉄工員は ぎこちなく

高度な技術 input 通り

そろそろ さみしい 人間は どこ どこ どこ...


遠くから 薫る

懐かしい やわらかな目

瞬きする 女の子だ

彼女は全部 ? 23

人間は ぼくらを生み 育て 教え 褒め

それは それは 幸せな日々

ずっと ずっと 昔のこと

あの日が 来る まで...

隠蔽な imperial

ああここへ来ては いけないよ

つかまって しまう lobotomy...

愛しい Smoke town

彼女と ぼくらを 隠して

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